Thank you for being a valued account holder of DC’s Professional Development Registry (PDR). The PDR had been replaced with the new Professional Development Information System (PDIS).
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Welcome to the DC Professional Development Registry!

The DC Professional Development Registry (PDR) is a resource from the Office of the State Superintendent of Education to support the professional growth of the early childhood and before/after school workforce.

The PDR supports the workforce by providing the following:
  • Electronic portfolio that tracks professional accomplishments
  • Career guide or pathways to professional growth
  • Access to training and professional development opportunities
  • Data that streamlines the licensing and quality monitoring protocols for administrators
Need assistance creating a PDR Account and applying for a level in the DC Career Guide? View the online tutorial video, available in English or Spanish, for step-by-step instructions.
The video, and this site, work best with the Internet Explorer browser.

To find resources, information, and opportunities to learn more about the DC Early Learning Standards and Common Core, go to:

For technical support, please contact:
DC Professional Development Registry Coordinator
(202) 727-8119 (option 2)

For more information about the PDR and other professional development resources available, please contact:
Office of the State Superintendent of Education Government of the District of Columbia
(202) 727-1839

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